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Clearwater Chiropractic Reviews

We value what our patients have to say! Dr. Kristin invites you read our reviews and then call us to schedule an appointment!


No Longer in Pain

Before I started at Clearwater Chiropractic, I had tingling in my fingers, low back pain, extreme trouble walking, neck pain, leg spasms, and I couldn’t open a bottle of water or walk any block. I can now walk 2 miles without pain! I no longer have back pain, and no longer have leg spasms or numbness and tingling! The relief I felt was almost immediate, the visits are always a pleasure! I am maintaining an almost pain free life now and the ladies there are always smiling!

– Cheryl L.

No Migraines

I came in to Clearwater Chiropractic with migraines and I now have NO MIGRAINES!!! These ladies are awesome! I wasn’t a believer in Chiropractic care but Dr. Kristin changed that! After YEARS of migraines, I finally met Dr. Kristin and she was so personable, I gave it a try…and No More Migraines!!! I never knew that I could live a life without migraines and pain, and now I DO!

– Aprile E.

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend Dr. Kristin! I am seeing great results in a very short period of time. Beautiful office and Dr. Kristin is beyond wonderful! She is amazing!

– Janna R.

Keeps Me Competing

Dr. Kristin keeps me competing at my highest level!

– Tysen D. (Professional Hockey Player)

Pain Free

Broken back a year ago. Healed with pain. Seeing Dr. Kristin and am PAIN FREE!!!!! Go here and nowhere else! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!!

– Doug S.

Headache Free

I just have to tell you Dr. Kristin How much I LOVE YOU!!! I was having the worst headache EVER today & I could not get rid of it ALL day, I think because I push myself to do too much sometimes. I stopped by at 5pm with my HORRIBLE headache (thought that I could get rid of myself but could not & I suffered all day) to get adjusted and I left your building within 10 minutes, FULLY ADJUSTED & headache FREE!!!

– Cheryl L.

Very Welcoming

Dr. Kristin and Jennifer are very welcoming and accommodating to my needs. They also make the experience fun. Coming here is the best part of my day!

– Sheila M.

Great Experience

I have always been interested in seeing what chiropractic care was all about, so I finally decided to try it out about four or five months ago and I’ve had nothing but great experiences ever since I stepped foot into Clearwater Chiropractor. I have struggled with migraines and lower back pain for at least five years and the fact that I’ve gone from having three or four headaches a week to having maybe one every few weeks is fantastic! Dr. Kristin and Jennifer are by far some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered and they both made me feel right at home from the first day. It is my second home after all! Haha!

– Alissa T.

Friendly Atmosphere

I don’t have headaches anymore, my hips feel so much better, so does everything! It is a very friendly atmosphere, I love coming here!

– Erin H.

Gained Flexibility

I enjoy the friendly staff and the atmosphere. The doctor is very willing to inform the patient on all health concerns. I now have no more numbness, my low back is no longer in pain, and I gained flexibility!

– Rob S.

Genuinely Make a Difference

Definitely must go here if you are in need of chiropractic care. The place is warm, open, and inviting. Dr. Kristin is disarming and fun and genuinely wants to make a difference in the quality of your life. If you think that chiropractic care is something that can help you in some way you really need to check them out.

– Eric W.

Feeling Better

I now have very few headaches and feel better about my ability to work without being in pain.

– Maggie R.

Personalized Care

I got personalized care that makes me feel very special because I know Dr. Kristin wants what’s best for me. My neck is more relaxed, I have less pain, and better range of motion!

– Don T.

Migranes Are Gone

I had horrible migraines! I was taking Ibuprofen and Imitrex. I have been going to Dr. Kristin for a few months now and have not had one migraine!!! I no longer take Ibuprofen on a regular basis and haven’t refilled my prescription for Imitrex!!! It’s awesome to be PAIN FREE WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS!!!! Highly recommend Clearwater Chiropractic!!!!

– Tracy B.

Very Friendly

Dr. Kristin is very friendly and takes the time to explain various aspects of my treatment. I had carpal tunnel and tingling in my fingers, as well as heel and ankle pain. I now have no tingling in my fingers and no heel or ankle pain!

– Annette J.

A Million Times Better

I had headaches and migraines. I now get no more headaches or migraines, and Dr. Kristin and Jennifer are the nicest people, and I always feel a million times better!

– Roshana S.

Positive Atmosphere

I had back pain, headaches, and leg pain, which are now all better! Clearwater Chiropractic is such a welcoming environment. Dr. Kristin explains everything before and as treatment progresses. I love the positive atmosphere!

– Paula U.

Feel at Home

I had headaches before coming here and now have no more headaches! They are super friendly, very welcoming, and make you feel right at home.

– Alissa T.

Awesome Experience

Dr. Hammer is awesome!! All the girls in the office are so sweet! I was having horrible back issues, but amazingly, they are completely gone!

– Dyana C.

More Active

I came into Clearwater Chiropractic, 30 but feeling like 60! After seeing Dr. Kristin I now have no more acid reflux, and no more shooting pain! I am no longer waking up at night and am able to be more active with my daughter. Quality of life is greatly improved!

– Kathleen P.


Fun Staff

I had mid and low back pain, neck pain, and headaches when I came to Clearwater Chiropractic. I now have no back pain, and way less headaches! After four years of intense pain, I no longer have pain! And…the staff is fun!

– Brandy B.

Look Forward to Appointments

I had severe headaches, neck, and shoulder pain. Now my headaches are pretty much gone!! Clearwater Chiropractic is a super friendly environment! They are very welcoming and I look forward to coming!

– Alena F.

Accomplished Health Goals

I am a gymnastics coach, and I came in to see Dr. Kristin with low back pain and loss of flexibility. My lower back pain is better and I have gained quite a bit of flexibility back! Clearwater Chiropractic is fun, relaxing, and they work with you to accomplish your health goals!

– Troy D.

We Can Help You Too

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